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Anatomical Factors of Running

On landing, the foot distributes the weight and prepares to propel the leg forward via various mechanisms that contribute to the movement of running. Before this takes place the normal anatomical structure of the foot can go through various deviations which are appropriate to each individual. Anatomical Factors of … [Read more...]

Recurrent Hamstring injuries

This article is provided by Teri Burgess, resident Physiotherapist from Time-to-Run Cape Town, covering Recurrent Hamstring injuries. Teri is also the contributor of the hugely popular article, covering the 5 most common running injuries, aptly named The BIG Five. Picture it… you’re gliding up your … [Read more...]

How to regain your fitness

How to regain your fitness after injury or illness The quickest way to get your fitness back after a lay-off is to find a three-minute hill. Let’s say that things are going really well with your training. You’re steadily getting fitter and racing faster as you get ready for that big race in a couple … [Read more...]

Rice for Injury Treatment

Rest; Ice; Compression; Elevation Rest: Immediate rest from the movement allows the muscle to begin recovery without any more damage being done. Ice: Ice should be applied as soon as possible. This will slow down circulation and thus reduce localised bleeding. Ice should be wrapped in a wet cloth to prevent ice burn. … [Read more...]

Minimise impact to reduce injury risk

Injuries are the pits. The physical part is bad enough, but mentally they can be even worse. Half of your brain rationally advises caution while the other half screams, “Get out the door!” To control injuries, whilst you are in heavy training for a race like the Two Oceans Marathon, it’s not enough to … [Read more...]